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Today is the day you have decided to finally transform your body. You’ve thought about it before, maybe you’ve even followed an inconsistent exercise routine, but today is different; today is the beginning of something great. From now on, you will make the conscious decision to remain committed to turn your dream body into your body. It won’t be easy, but you will develop character, confidence, and muscle. Beginning today, you are on a mission to gradually sculpt the body of your dreams.

Your intentions are clear, now you need a plan. There are hundreds of thousands weight loss templates claiming to be successful scattered across the internet. Who can you trust? Could those progress photos really be photoshoppped? Yes, they could. This is where you need to play it safe. There is no secret to weight loss. You safely can ignore anything claiming to be a new and improved secret fat burning formula.  If you are truly ready to dedicate yourself to the cause of building the body you’ve always wanted, you need to choose the high percentage play. You need to choose the diet and exercise routine that has been tried and tested, proven successful by fitness and nutrition experts. Following advice like this is life changing.

The number one most successful strategy to burning fat is to live a healthy lifestyle, in which you eat healthy, moderated sized, meals, and exercise on a regular basis.
That’s not very sexy, right? You’ve been sold the idea of living a healthy lifestyle since elementary school. The term “healthy lifestyle” has morphed into a popular buzzword with little substance in the health industry. Let’s breakdown exactly what living a healthy lifestyle is, and why you’ll look back in confusion and wonder why you didn’t start living one earlier.

Eating Healthy Makes Too Much Sense To Avoid:

Your dream body is made in the kitchen. If you’re not eating healthy, you will never achieve the aesthetics you want, no matter how many crunches you do. Healthy eating is the most important fat burning technique in the book.

You can start eating healthy by ensuring you are consuming a wide range of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. An example meal that includes all 4 of these elements could be salmon, with a strawberry almond salad, along with brown rice, and a glass of low-fat milk. That sounds much more appetizing than the fad diets you may have been considering prior to finding this article, doesn’t it?

By eating balanced meals like the example given above, you are supplying your body with all the micronutrients it needs, giving you a natural energy boost that will last for hours. Do not underrate this! Aside from the natural energy boost, other benefits of following a healthy eating pattern include better sleep, an improved mood, the increased chance of living a longer life, and many others!

Do you realize what is at stake here? You have the choice to eat healthy, causing you to lose weight, gain energy, and overall improve the quality of your life. Option two? You can continue following an unhealthy eating pattern ‘because it tastes good’. What will you choose?

Why Healthy Exercise May Be The Best Part of Your Day

Now that you’re naturally losing weight by eating healthy, it’s time to tone and build some new muscle. Exercise is what gives your body shape; it’s what creates the aesthetics your friends will admire you for. The options are endless when it comes to picking the form of exercise you want to participate in.

You can start small through tweaking your daily routine to include more physical activity. Simple things like taking the stairs, walking instead of driving, or getting up to do some jumping jacks for every half-an-hour of sitting in one spot. These little changes will increase the amount of calories you burn through physical activity on a daily basis.

When you are ready to take the next step, things get even more fun. Perhaps one of the most fun ways to get physical exercise is to play sports. Flag football, basketball, soccer, Frisbee golf, street hockey, baseball… there are many easy to understand sports that run pickup leagues which welcome people of all skill levels. These leagues are also a great way to meet new people who share an interest in staying active.
The most effective way of sculpting your body is to develop a weightlifting routine at a local gym. Do not be intimidated by this! I recommend visiting your local gym and purchasing a single personal trainer session, so that they can give you a tour of the gym, show you how the machines work, and give you a primer on proper lifting form. Bonus points if you’ve already picked out a routine you want to follow online, and you have the trainer show you how you can complete that specific routine at their gym.

Pills, Knives, and Malnourishment – Avoid These”Shortcuts” At All Costs

If losing weight and burning fat were easy, everybody you know would be in shape. Developing the corner stone habits of eating healthy and exercising regularly are the key to reaching your potential. This is a marathon, not a sprint. You should approach anybody who tells you otherwise with extreme skepticism.

Let’s quickly go over 3 common traps people with good intentions fall into, under the premise of faster fat loss:
Fad diets. Perhaps the most common trap, fad diets persuade you into believing you are making progress towards your goal of weight loss at an alarmingly fast rate. These diets tend to be extremely simple to follow (eat ONLY cabbage soup), but in turn, they are NOT sustainable. The initial weight loss is often times a cause of a loss in water weight, or an unhealthily low caloric intake.

Anybody who has attempted a fad diet will tell you it is a rollercoaster ride that crashes at the end. For the first few days you will feel proud of yourself for losing weight. Then, you begin to notice a negative change in mood, often times accompanied by headaches and stomach cramps. When these conditions fail to resolve, the dieter will usually give up the diet, quickly gaining back the weight they had initially lost.
The issue here is that one of the primary selling points of these “diets”, the simplicity, is also reason why they fail. When you are limited to such a small selection of foods, you will get bored of them rather quickly, not to mention the malnourishment you are subjecting yourself to if you choose to follow such fads as “the grapefruit diet”, or “the cabbage soup diet”.

Magic pills. This is another case of short-sighted decision making. If there were a pill that could cause SAFE fat loss, with minimal side effects, do you think it would a secret? The truth is that there are some weight loss supplements that do provide short term results when paired with a proper exercise regimen – emphasis on the exercise. There is no such thing as a magic fat burning pill that does all the work on its own.

Surgery. Performing surgery to “solve” a weight issue should be used only as an extreme desperate measure with the intentions of saving a life. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make sense. Surgery is extremely expensive, and likely only a temporary solution. If you are unable to change your own eating habits prior to surgery, you will be just as unlikely to change afterwards, making gaining all the weight back a likely possibility.

Following a Healthy Lifestyle Routine Guarantees Progress

If you take the time to really focus on improving your eating and exercise habits, you WILL make progress. You’re in this for the long haul, to create life-lasting changes to your mind and body. Don’t cheat yourself by wasting time chasing a shortcut that doesn’t exist. Choose the high percentage play, and permanently change your life today.

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